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Plato’s Theory of Ideas :: History of Philosophy

root forge Platos Theory of IdeasStudent Milena SadakDate december, 2001Authors introductionary remarkStill innocent and so nave, the common humanity consciousness slowly began to raise itself, giving birth thereat to considerable men, who provide forever remain in the hearts of the consecrated. One of those great men was Plato.Plato as a philosopher. Plato as an artist. Plato as the birth of concsiousness of its give limitedness. Plato as my own flight from reality. be materialisation and inexperienced, and having read single small but important part of Platos great exchequer of dialogues, I stood lost and confused. It is impossible for a philosopher to believe in the public of two simultaneous worlds. But that is what his words are saying to me. Did he truly believe that our souls had existed in that perfect world, prior to their birth? Being certain that Plato did not think so, and having realized the boundaries of my understanding, Ive consulted people who devote their lives to this great philosopher. I must admit that it was just then that my surprise reached its utmost point. I have never seen so many confronted opinions on the corresponding topic. Well, we have the dialogues right in front of us, what is the thing thats keeping us from realizing Platos thought as it is, and at least reduce the number of confrontations? I know what my obstacle is youth, neediness of experience, lack of knowledge, but what is theirs?CONCLUSION The young common human consciousness created a genius, but a young one, such as itself. Youth as such carries with it the impossibility of valid thought-word transmission. The space is too big. In time, the young common consciousness perfects itself. Its improvement implies the improvement of individual consciousness. The possibility to validly transmit thought-word is greater, therefore the interspace is minify, and the number of dissacords in interpretations of philosophical works is reduced as well. Plato still belon gs to the young common consciousness, therefore, we have inummerable explanations of one and the same thing.Theory of IdeasNowadays, Plato is rightfully considered the originator of idealism. To explain in details what the innovation of idealism means represents a great difficulty and demands great effort, so I will merely define idealism as a philosophy which reduces all existence to forms of thought, or in Platos case, idea. The word idea originates from the Greek word eidos which literally means appearance, image.In Platos thought, idea represents the first principle, cause, form, shape, essence.

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